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In 1992, we started the business under the name of Clinica Corporation on the campus of the Waltham Hospital (now Boston Children's Hospital). During our first ten years we concentrated on studying diabetes, focusing on pharmacokinetics, insulin and glucose meter trials As our protocols expanded to additional therapeutic areas, we changed our name to MassResearch, LLC, to better position our research mission. After 13 years on the hospital campus, we moved to our new location in 2005. Our business is focused on testing in these areas:


Phase I-IV, inpatient and outpatient, pharmacokinetic, clamp, most therapeutic areas and healthy patient studies

Medical Device

Blood glucose meters, insulin dose calculators, lancets, injectors, applications, wearables, transdermal delivery, med patches

Medical Focus

Packaging, package inserts, applications, opinion, taste, design, professional focus (MD, RN, Dietician, LD, Nutritionist, CDE, etc)

We have worked with most major pharmaceutical companies and CRO's. We also enjoy working with start-up pharma and medical device companies, helping them to develop and initiate their protocols. Our sponsor retention is impressive – over 80% of sponsors have worked with us for more than 20 years and we exceed sponsor expections for recruitment and data integrity. Although we have been through hundreds of sponsor audits we have only been audited by the FDA one time with "no findings". None of our Investigators has ever been barred from research.

• Inpatient and outpatient - pharmaceutical and device • Tolerance Testing
• Holter/Blood pressure Monitors • Transdermal delivery
• Pharmacokinetic Studies • Various EDC and QC
• 24 hour glucose monitoring and tolerance testing • Clamp Studies
• Glucose Meter User Studies • Glucose Strip Accuracy Studies


• Arthritis • Hypercholesterolemia
• Asthma • Medical Devices
• COPD • Neuropathy
• Dermatology • Nutrition: Nutrient Data, Analysis, Tolerance testing
• Diabetes: Type 1, Type 2, Pump, Clamp, PK, Device • Obesity
• Diabetes Complications • Pulmonary
• Dyslipidemia • Transdermal Delivery
• Hypertension: Holter • Podiatry: Neuropathy
• Nephropathy  

MassResearch maintains an active database of more than 3,500 patients and has access to patients from the private practices of our investigators.  Our patient population ranges in age from adolescent to elderly and hale from various race, ethnic backgrounds and socio-economic status. Bentley University, Brandies University, Lasell College, Regis College and Mass Bay Community College are all within 5 miles or less of MassResearch.

Our staff are regularly updated on regulatory and GCP compliance and have been trained and hold current certificates from NIH and IATA. The staff also oversees the Waltham Diabetes Center an ADA recognized education center. Visit our Investigators and Staff page Here.

• Board Certified Investigators • Registered Nurses
• Certified Coordinators • Registered and Licenced Dietitians
• Certified Diabetes Educator • Certified Exercise Specialists / Anthropometrists
• IV Therapy Skilled Nurses • Certified Lab Technicians

Located in Waltham, MA, less than 7 miles from Boston's Logan Airport with easy access (less than a mile) to routes, Interstate 95 (Rt. 128), and the Mass Turnpike I-90.  Directions are Here.

• Phlebotomy • Secure study drug/device/supplies storage rooms
• Laboratory • 4 bed area with 2 nurse stations and attached lab/monitor area
• 6 and 12 chair conference rooms • Kitchen area
• Wireless Internet • Data / Document storage - onsite and offsite
• Private exam rooms • Monitor areas

• Centrifuge • 2 YSI Glucose analyzers
• Refrigerated Centrifuge • Refrierators/Freezers - monitored
• -20 Freezer • Hemocue
• ECG • Pulmonary Function testing

• Bone Density • X-ray
• MRI • Glucose / A1c / Hemoglobin
• MRA • Pulmonary function
• Retina Scans and photography • Ultra sound


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