MassResearch BioMedical and DIABETES
Clinical Director: Liz Taylor -
Site Manager: Steve Schroder -

The study of the Diabetes condition is at the core of MassResearch. Our first clinical trial studied the effect of hormones on circadian rythms that modify obesity and diabetic patterns. We ran 14 PK beds 24/7 and developed the nutrition protocols and collected and analyzed the nutrition and exercise data for over a year. This first study sparked a passion in us to study, learn and educate ourselves and others about Diabetes and its accompanying complications and controls.

While continuing to study and search for better treatments for Diabetes, the principals of MassResearch created the Waltham Diabetes Center with offices in the same building. It offers outreach, screenings and supplies to those in the community that don't have health coverage. The center also offers Diabetes Self Management Education courses and is recognized as an education provider by The American Diabetes Association. We have maintained the recognition since 2005. We sponsor 1-2 fund raisers per year with teams "Sugar Babies" and "Sugar Daddies" raising money for different charities.

Global Dietary Data collection and analysis

Hydrostatic Weighing

Body compositionn measurement and analysis

Transdermal Collection of Blood Glucose Levels

Meters, Pens, lancets, Insuin dose calculating meters, Needles

Glucose clamp studies

The Waltham Diabetes Center

ADA Recognized Education


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